Operations Portal for a Global Resources Company

This Operations Portal plays a major role in empowering production engineers and operators to complete their daily tasks in a fraction of time.

Bringing various systems databases into a single portal with detailed vizualiations this portal has become an essential tool for monitoring real-time and future data in operations.

business benefits

  • System wide optimization integrating 7 different appications data into a single vew portal.
  • Encouraging and ensuring collaborative culture permeates into multiple field locations and LNG plant.
  • Greater insight into asset performance through the real-time monitoring capabilities, the deeper levels of data detail, and the immediate identification of potential operational issues.
  • Knowledge Capture and sharing, re-use in similar situation even if personnel have long since rotated out of the asset, succession plannin.
  • Safe operations delivery through support of personnel and on-going work monitoring features.
  • Mobility to view information and perform actions on appropriate devices whether in our out of the office.

system integration
at it's best

Conducted such that Upstream and Midstream businesses are clearly integrated with the use of the Choke Model as the basis for delivering Production Performance from the well to the export loading arm of the LNG Plant.


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