Brazilian BBQ

gets a new web experience

the project

Back in 2012 I was approached by Mundo Churrasco’s new management team to re-create Mundo’s web presence.

Designing a new web experience where customers could better understand the Brazilian famous ‘churrasco’ concept. From simply browsing the menu in a intuitive way up to booking a table which requires a very specific set of details - all in a single place.

my role

On this project I was responsible for engaging with the stakeholders and to gather their requirements.

Translate into wireframes and then test back with them to make sure all is inline with their new web strategy.

After all was OK’d I then transposed the designs into the wireframes. Making sure all the branding guidelines were followed as well as creating the web look & feel.

This project was online for a year and then replaced for a newer version where the CMS could be easily updated by the management team.

the process

From wireframes to design


Simple ideas today, innovative at the time

the layouts

Presentation is everything


  • UX
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • UI
  • Visual Design
  • User requirements