{   Strategy, customer lifecycle definition, analytics & segmentation.

{the project

Contiigo’s LoyaltyDeck is a retail CRM platform that offers all the features to manage a modern loyalty program. It includes a 360º view of each customer - sales, campaigns and conversions.

It can also segment the customer base and create target lists, has an inbuilt campaign management for email, SMS and direct mail. However, some of its best features are the real-time triggers for enhanced customer engagement.

{my role

It all started with the analysis phase where I dug into previous version of LoyaltyDeck and understood what all the features were, how they worked, and how they played together. During this phase I delivered the ‘Analysis & Suggestions’ document where I highlighted what could be done to improve the already good but hard to use system.

During defining, I worked closely with Contiigo’s team defining where each feature should be placed and how to present all the information in a more intuitive way. Interactive prototypes were presented and tested untill it all made sense.

Finally, at the design phase all screens were produced to demonstrate how headers, graphs, paragraphs and colour scheme should be tied together so the final product had a professional and consistent look and feel.

{the process

Analyse » Define » Interact » Design » Test
and over again...

{my dashboard

Information is key, so nothing better than start your day with the best and most up to date data.


Edit, review and reward. All in one place, easy to find.

{design patterns

Visual cues for consistancy and easy usability
created once, applied everywhere


  • UX
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • UI
  • Visual Design
  • User requirements
  • Plan
  • Analyse
  • Define
  • Design